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Plumstead Manor School

Plumstead Manor School
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English & Media


Department profile

To equip all of our students, regardless of ability and background, with the skills and attributes to communicate powerfully, think critically, and flourish in a changing, growing world. We want to foster and nourish the love of the transformative power of literature.

KS3 Curriculum

Objectives of course:

To develop the skills that students will need for GCSEs in Language and Literature and to support literacy across the curriculum; to foster a love of literature and an understanding of how meaning is created.   

Course content:

A variety of texts including 19th Century fiction and non-fiction, Shakespeare, creative and transactional writing, poetry, 20th Century fiction and non-fiction and drama.

 Extra-Curricular Activities/or Other Aspects

  • Book Week
  • Creative writing competitions
  • The Year 8 Great Debate
  • Jack Petchey's "Speak Out" Challenge!

KS4 Curriculum

Curriculum: English Language and English Literature GCSEs

Objectives of course(s):

To prepare students to reach their potential in attaining GCSEs in English Language and literature. The course will enable students of all abilities to develop the skills they need to read, understand and analyse a wide range of different texts covering the 19th, 20th and 21st century time periods as well as to write clearly, coherently and accurately using a range of vocabulary and sentence structures.

Exam board: AQA

Course content:

Macbeth, A Christmas Carol, An Inspector Calls, Power and Conflict poetry, unseen poetry. Reading and writing fiction texts; reading and writing non-fiction texts.

Assessment scheme and structure:

Range of formal and informal assessments throughout the course including whole-school scheduled mock exams culminating in two final exams for both literature and language exams.

By Year 11, most students will have covered all of the content of the GCSE. As all specifications are now closed text, Year 11 requires rigorous revision and memory techniques. This will allow students to master the texts and skills required for the new GCSEs in English, enabling them to fulfil their potential and open up pathways to future learning and experience.

KS5 Curriculum

Objectives of course:

English Literature allows learners to undertake independent and sustained studies to deepen their appreciation and understanding of literature, including its changing traditions.

Exam board: OCR

Course content:

Students study a minimum of eight texts, including at least two examples of each of the genres of prose, poetry and drama, to develop their ability to analyse and evaluate literary texts across a variety of genres and periods.

Assessment scheme and structure:

20% coursework, 80% final exam. Scheduled mock exams throughout the two-year course.

Future Pathways

Education, the arts, media and film careers, law, journalism, administration.