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Plumstead Manor School

Plumstead Manor School
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Travelling Safely

As the nights draw in, and the daylight hours shorten in the coming weeks, it is important that all our students are safe in the way that they travel to and from school.  To that end we’ve drawn up a simple list of things that all students and parents should take into account when considering the journey to and from school.  We will provide ongoing advice and support to our students through our tutorial programme about how to keep safe before and after school.

  Where possible students should walk and/or travel in pairs or small groups to and from school while maintaining appropriate social distancing measures.

  1.  All Plumstead Manor students are expected to be courteous and polite when out of school and travelling in public and on public transport.  They must take the needs of others into account, and not be boisterous in their behaviour.
  2.  Students should take care when crossing the busy roads and highways that surround the school.  They should check the level of traffic carefully, and cross only when they are sure it is safe.  Brightly coloured clothing or bag helps drivers see pedestrians more easily.
  3.  Students should be very careful when getting onto and off buses and trains, and must make sure the vehicle has stopped and the doors are open before stepping off the platform or curb.
  4.  It is best to avoid walking along while visibly using a mobile phone or other electronic device.  It should be kept discretely in a bag of pocket.
  5.  Students should move away from the front of the school and the common area directly opposite the school at the end of the day, and make their way directly home if they are not staying for an after school club or intervention session.
  6.  Students should not talk to or interact with anyone they don’t know.  Should anyone approach them in an intimidating or inappropriate fashion they should make their way to a point of safety as soon as possible and contact home, school or the Police.  If your son or daughter comes home and describes something you are concerned about please make contact with the school immediately by ringing 0203 260 3333 or emailing   They should also come straight back into school the next day and let their tutor and Head of Year know immediately.  The school will deal with any such incident very seriously indeed, and provide support and follow up to anyone involved.